Lecture Topics

2 X 4 Mechanics
Adult orthodontics
Advanced Light Wire Functionals (ALF)
Aesthetic brackets
Air Rotor Stripping
Airway and its relationship to malocclusion
Arch wire technology
Bi dental protrusion
Bimler appliance
Biology of Tooth Movement
Bonding to porcelain
Case Finishing and detailing
Class I crowding
Class III
Cleft palate
Control of the high angle malocclusion
Creating new bone using orthodontic principles
Crossbite Correction
Distalisation of molars
Distraction Osteogenesis
Division 2 problems
Extrusion of traumatised teeth
Facial Profiles
Fixed Functionals
Frankel appliance
Functional Appliances
Gummy Smiles
Hypoplastic First molars
Impacted Canines
Impactions between the 6s and the Es
Implants in orthodontics
Indirect Bonding
Lingual Orthodontics
Lip Bumpers
Mandibular development
Maxillary arch development
Missing premolars
Myofunctional Therapy
Neuromuscular Concepts in orthodontics
Nickel Allergies
“Orthodontic Software for Diagnosis, Marketing and practice Management”
Orthognathic Surgery
Palatal Arches
Periodontics and orthodontics
Retention and retainer design
Reverse Pull facemasks
Root resorption
Second molar replacement therapy
Snoring and Sleep Aponea
Stability in Orthodontics
The smile line
Thumb sucking habits
TMJ case finishing
Tongue thrust
Torque Problems
Treating cases with missing incisors
Treatment of the over closed vertical dimension
Twin block appliance therapy
Uprighting molars
Utility Arches
Wisdom teeth and their role in orthodontics